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Thursday, 23 March 2017

So Long You Dark Prince You!

So he is finally gone.

I have said a lot about John Key in the one year I have been blogging.

One of those reason was that Key constituted the only effective part of the right wing of NZ politics but there were others.

In Bland Eyed Soul: Analyzing Brand Key I wrote about what made Key so popular from the perspective of advertising and predicted that outside of politics he would rapidly shrink from the public consciousness which has happened with his current polling as preferred PM dropping to 2% in the latest polling*.

In History will not absolve you! I took Key to task for his defense of Tony Blair's involvement of the UK in the Iraq war which has some resonance at the moment with the current scrutiny of the SAS in Afghanistan and speculation that Jerry Brownlee (the Brown Eminence) may be increasing NZ's involvement in Iraq.

 And in Craig, Key and Brash: Out of date, out of time and out of touch! I pointed out Key's glib verbal avoidance of any issue afflicting NZ which he was able to get away with while his successors English & Co have not been able to do (as evidence by English's recent plunge in the polls).

Finally we have my recent re-post from KP about how John Key was the heart and soul of the National party and the wake of his passing how doomed the party was (something  which is slowly coming to pass as the the mood of the public switches against the party).

So there is really not much more to say on the man except say thanks.

So thanks John Key, thanks for the housing hernia and unaffordable houses prices; thanks for making New Zealand into a tax haven, thanks for pumping up dirty dairy and polluted waterways; thanks for rape jokes and pulling pigtails; thanks for Dirty Politics and The Hollow Men; thanks for selling citizenship to the ultra rich; thanks for entrenched poverty and homelessness; thanks for allowing your dodgy minions soil the country at will; thanks for bowing to Hollywood interests (both to get films made here but also for leasing the intelligence services out to the FBI to enforce US copy rights); thanks for inflicting your family (mostly your son) on the public; thanks for the pointless flag debate as a means of distracting public attention (when there were so many other issues which needed fixing); thanks for keeping ACT in Epsom; thanks for charter schools and fight clubs in prison; thanks for saying you knew nothing every time you were asked a difficult question; thanks for the other crappy things you have done and thanks for leaving the country worse than when you found it.

You were a slick talking snake oil salesman who served your masters well and sure to be rewarded but you were a cancer on this country and wont be missed.

So farewell you dark prince, farewell.

*- And before anyone says that's because he is not PM just because he is not PM does not mean he still cant be seen by the public as being the preferred or popular choice for PM, as Helen Clark demonstrated for more than a few polls after she left.

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