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Monday, 6 March 2017

Suicide is painless!

If Bill English could have waited till after the election to announce the raising on NZ super for anyone born in 1972 (the year of my birth) and after will work to 67 then they might actually get into government.

But as Chris Trotter rightly says, English has blown it.

In my previous post I noted the dynamic in play with National feeding the beast that is Peters and English has just gone and handed him the biggest, baddest club he could ever want to bludgeon National with.

Not to mention all the other parties who will be receiving their high quality, hand made, boutique clubs by express courier any day now. Courtesy of Bill and the B-Team.

In my last post I noted the dynamic of Peters haunting NZ politics, well now its a full out paranormal situation, who ya gonna call?

And speaking of phones you can bet that Andrew Little's phone will be running red hot as he calls the team together for an urgent meeting and congratulatory session because English just unofficially kicked off the election campaign by giving them a badly needed issue to rally people around.

Labour and the Greens now have a ready made foil for any stupidity they might themselves do, just roll back the age of entitlement or say anything, absolutely anything, that will position themselves as far away from National as possible and people will forgive them because they are not National, simple as that!

Its incredible how fast the edifice that John Key built, nurtured with his blood, sweat and tears for a decade has been demolished by Bill English.

One stupid statement after another: first water, then immigration and unemployment and now retirement.

In one week he has had three media frenzies and backed three highly unpopular positions.

It doesn't matter if he is right to wrong on them, what matters that it should be clear to someone such as him that you don't utter them six months out from an election!


And for all those younger readers who might not have been paying attention during the 90s, this is a taste of what it was like under National then and you will also now have a good idea why Helen Clark ruled for nine long years.

Also I now know why John Key got out when he did.

Not much more to say on this matter as I said it all in my last post but while Trotter does the situation justice with words I leave the final note to this particular song by the Manic Street Preachers, feel free to dance along to it and ponder its meaning applying to the National Party and its chances of winning the election now.

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