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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Elections 2017: Reposts from KP

Before I started my own blog I was over on Kiwipolitico, posting my gibberish there and lowering the tone of the debate by several degrees (much to Pablo's chagrin).

And some of the posts I did over there were my analysis of the various political parties that make up NZ politics, done in my usual inimitable style.

So with an election coming it seems timely to revisit the various teams who will be competing in the Olympics of banality; thus I will be cutting and pasting (some might say "re-posting" but why lie about it) those posts from there to here because why reinvent the wheel.

Most of the things said then seem to hold up now, give or take a few personnel changes, but I will be updating where need be and it will be interesting to see if any predictions I made then still hold now (don't hold your breath they probably wont).

And for those who think this is being lazy, your probably right but if it aint broken why fix it and there will be normal posts as and when I write them.

First post will be tomorrow and with one a week or so until all the players are on the field and the battle joined.

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