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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Who's your daddy?

First up, congratulation to Jacinda and Clark as babies are cool, you cant beat having kids.

That said, its interesting that the conception of said baby came in the wake of the 2017 election but supposedly before the coalition negotiations had completed in what I can only assume was a conscious decision to have a child*.

And if you cant see the potential symbolism of that decision then take a moment to consider the following:

  • The PM of NZ will have a child while in Office
  • The PM will carry out her duties while obviously pregnant
  • After the birth Jacinda will return to her duties
  • Clark will be a stay home dad
  • The child will likely be born out of wedlock 
  • Winston will get to be be temporary PM 

Our PM, will be a working mum while Clark will be a stay home dad and for all intents and purposes our First Family** will be a rather modern take on what family is in NZ when you compare it to our previous PM (Bill English).

Bill English and his wife, long married Catholics with children, reflected the kind of traditional family values that were less common in NZ than might have been 50, 30 or even a decade ago and their appearances in women's magazines always seemed to drive that home.

But now we have a different take on what a family might be and I cant believe that this decision was not made with some consideration of the above points and the message they might send.

So am I taking issue with the potential politicization of Jacinda and Clark having a child in this manner and situation?

No I am not!

Just as Bill English and his family life was a reflection of a particular set of values and ideas, and don't say it wasn't because all those pictorials in those magazines were all set with a clear tone and style, so too is the soon to be expanded Clark/Gayford family will be a reflection of a set of values to which I fully agree.

I have been a stay home dad, my kids were born out of wedlock and I am down with both of those things but I am also not a high profile politician and no one is looking at my lifestyle/work-life choices while many will be with Jacinda and Clark and taking notes.

So where am I going with this post?

To be honest I am not so sure as while not disparaging of deciding to get knocked up post election (as there is no right time to start a family) I cant ignore the fact that its the PM getting knocked up and I wonder if at any point in the "lets have a child" discussion that inevitably took place there was any thought given to the potential political aspects of the situation.

Still kids are always a good thing and in the end you cant beat them so I wish the couple all the best and look forward to seeing our PM carry out her duties while heavily pregnant.

*-the alternate being some sort of post election celebration where things got carried away
**-not the best term but I cant think of a better one at this time but i will take suggestions


  1. You obviously have not the faintest conception of what it is like to get pregnant. No one at Jacinda's age CAN make a conscious decision to get pregnant, only the reverse. It is INCREDIBLY HARD to get pregnant for many women at her age and your glib ignorance of the fact is almost impossible to believe.

  2. Well at least you changed your name. Now if you want to explain why at 37 its not possible for Jacinda to make a conscious decision to get pregnant that would be swell.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Thanks Anon thats noted but you still get deleted and if you do agree then my question to them applies to you.