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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Oprah for president? I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Ok, so I did not watch the golden globes but then again I didn't have to see the internet* light up with the idea of Oprah for President.

I thought it was a joke of some sorts but no its out there and I can only assume that a lot of drugs were being taken that night to allow such a bat-brained idea escape the hollowed out, cocaine crevice that is obviously passing for some peoples minds.

Perhaps its the Democrat reaction to the idea that if the Republican party can get Reality TV star and Billionaire, Donald Trump, as president then the only way to compete is to get their own and Oprah fits that bill. The ultimate expression of the (often moronic) idea that if you cant beat them, join them.

Of course if you stop to think about it for even a nano second you realize how insane and dangerously retarded that idea is for all the exact same reasons that have been made about the Don being in office. Trump is monstrously unqualified** for the role (just as a starter for 10) BUT so is Oprah and apart from a less offensive twitter feed I fail to see the difference between electing him and electing her.

Saner minds*** may prevail and even those famous for bashing Trump are wondering how smart this idea is.

However in some ways I actually like the idea of Oprah for president because given how skeezy the institution of President of the US is, and that didn't start with Trump but has pretty much been the status quo for that office, such a situation would once and for all confirm that America is going to turn out like the movie Idiocracy and that would be worth the price of admission to watch.

In essence, if she was to become president, and don't say it cant happen because that's what all those people who said that Trump would never happen were confidently saying once upon a time, it would nullify any credibility that the US political system (and by extension the US) has left and all those reasons why Donald Trump should not be in office.

It would be the ultimate expression that anyone with the money can buy their way into the office of what what once the most powerful position in the world by dint of their wealth and nothing more and watching those two battle it out on the campaign trail and presidential debates would be a joy/nightmare to behold.

So if you were not already blown away by the sureality of Donald Trump then take a moment to watch this for a taste of what President Oprah would be like because I fail to see any difference between that and what the Oprah Show is like.

And we worry about North Korea, sheesh!

*-Or at least the liberal section
**-His election, along with recent NZ versions of the same behavior, show that just because you are a successful businessman does not mean Jack in regards to running a country, nation or a city.
***- I have a soft spot for the Washington Post I admit


  1. You didn't advise us just what the qualifications are for the Presidency.

  2. Do I have to? I would have thought it would be obvious that in the case of Oprah/Trump it would be everything they are not.