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Thursday, 22 June 2017

You had one job Andrew, just one job!

In my last post I noted that if, in the wake of Tape-Gate, Andrew Little still had a spin doctor he should call them!

The idea being that with National on the ropes over all the dirt being uncovered, now would be a awesome time for Little and Labour to help reinforce that message by some Labour flavored spin.

So either Andrew did make that call and somehow the message to "get some coverage for Labour" in the wake of Todd Barclay and Tape-Gate was not specific enough (needing to add the word "positive" to the instruction) or he hasn't and is now wishing he had.

Because while not the Dirty Politics level of the Todd Barclay scandal this little piece of news does not look good (given how Labour is supposedly against exploitation of foreign students and wants to shut such things down) and is a useful distraction (for National) from the grubby goings on in Southland and Wellington.

Its almost like Labour plans these things.

Nothing more to say.



  1. Yes, absolutely E.A. just one day later, and well . > “ We’ll see your Todd
    Barclay and up two Andrew Littles “ <
    My copy of Andrew Little’s speech on dumping qualified valuable residents for fake refugees, unemployable, antagonistic and social liabilities met with requests for copies from Winston various other channels.
    I was surprised that few enough people had heard the classic double speak of Andrew rabbiting on about enrichment and diversity of Immigration and then at the same time that anyhow we would drop them in favour of a few thousands of terrorists.
    I think you already acknowledge that Immigration with all its down stream effects is shaping up as the big one, as we knew it would..
    Even economy blatherers intellectual like Michael Reddell [ Reserve Bank NZ buff ] are pointing to the absurd lie that > Immigration is good for us because > GDP.
    In fact Reddell shows clearly the association of the 5t Nat Government Immigration policy to lowered GDP per capita.
    • But its not the GDP graphs and the borrowing which will give us [ NZF ] approx 15%, its a few more shocking stories like this to the effect of wickedly stupid immigration policy. I mean this is like the Californians paying for an outsider to take Georgia 6th, it is so dumb.
    The Greens are a jadestone around your neck, we have English in the cross hair position, but just to be kind we’ll give you that lawyer on a bicycle in Christchurch Central, to make an example .

    1. " we have English in the cross hair position"

      Just to be clear, this is you and your three mates who have your crosshairs on English, right?

      I'm sure he's worried!

  2. Anon, you understand metaphors within English do you?. In this case 'W'e seems closely juxtaposed with and could mean NZF.
    Think it though anon and come back to us. I wouldn't be surprised if English doesn't know what's in for him, though according to EA yesterday he had a cold shiver where his spine should be, but after all they have been asleep for several years.

    1. I didn't realise you regarded yourself as part of New Zealand First

  3. Another thing EA.and Anon. I could be wrong but it look as though WE have the Christchurch
    Central thing going well. Nicky feeling bad. No Greens yet to interfere with your basket bicycle lawyer candidate. God, imagine that, just what we need, another lefty lawyer.

    1. @paul: Care to place a friendly wager on that?

  4. Yes Christchurch central is an interesting place at the moment, both physically with the rebuild and politically.

    I planning on doing some sort of candidate rundown in the last month of the campaign so we will see what we see then.

    As for Andrew Little and Labour, I am still stunned... sigh...

  5. The Farrar group are arranging a two pronged approach. 1. The legality of Leaders budget for student campaigners. 2. The political ethics of bringing in foreigners to the campaign. .

  6. Its definitely a mess Labour is in but to Little's credit, Labour has at least owned up, still were caught out but they have taken a lot of steam out of this by simply saying sorry and moving to fix it.

    Its not a major difference but its a fundamental one between Labour and National at this time.

    I don't think National will be able to make much hay on this given that tape-gate and the Barclay scandal keeps on giving and giving.

    Something about those without sin casting the first stone.