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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A short thanks to YOU, the reader!

I have been blogging for just over a year now.

First it was for six months on KP and since September its been here.

I cant say I have been a success or set the world on fire (despite the blogs title) but here are some stats.

Since September I have written 50 posts with a rough total of 125,000 words; my most popular post is here.

Slightly more statistical are the number about where the readership is coming from as while its mostly NZ I also have small but significant readerships in the US, Germany and the UK.

Also the most popular browser is Chrome (49%), followed by Firefox (31%) and Safari (13%) and then IE (3%) while the rest are mobile.

Last month I had 3712 hits on the blog and on a good day I get between 150 and 200 hits after spending a quite first few months at about 30 to 50 a day.

Based on the traffic from referring sites my readership is slightly more Right Wing than Left Wing (a 60/40 split) but it depends on what I post in many cases.

The only real stat that remains low and does not change are the number of comments (123) which is low and as half of those are mine means that while I get readers few have anything to say (possibly because, as my Grandmother used to say, readers are "not dignifying absurdities" by commenting - please let me know in the comments).

In that time I have learnt a lot about blogging and writing in general and while I think my style has mellowed a bit I think I will be keeping a lot of that piss and vinegar ranting style that I enjoy so much as while its nice to get readers I also write as an outlet for myself (as my therapist keeps telling me to do).

Also I have some ideas for the next 365 in terms of my focus after starting out trying to be international but never getting the time I will be taking a more internationalist approach as well as continuing to focus on kiwi politics and related issues.

Finally thanks to YOU, the readers (who ever you are) for reading what I post (be it gibberish or not) and for those who take time to comment (on said gibberish), it would have been a lot less fun without you.

Many thanks.


  1. ahha I'll make sure to let you know if the situation becomes absurd > whatever it could never become psychotic here as it is over at Kiwi Politico

  2. Oh Dear, I thought KP had quietened down in my absence.

    1. KP has been quiet the last few weeks, probably due to the fact that Pablo has other interests to pursue which take priority over KP. At least I hope that is the explanation, because although Pablo may be testy at times, political discourse in New Zealand would be the poorer if he ceased to offer comment on significant events or situations.

    2. Yeah, while we did not see eye to eye during my short stint there it would be a loss if he stopped. I liked his dry take analysis of foreign events a lot.

  3. I will take this as an invitation to offer general comment on the KiwiFireWalker blog. First it is the most extraordinary, colourful and amusing political commentary one would encounter in this country. Savage, biting yet without malice though some of those savaged might be forgiven for thinking it so. However, it expresses deep disillusion with not just the National Party, which seems to be the principal target, but the entire New Zealand political system. So if the majority of your readers are like me, they will be following your links, filing your facts and admiring your turn of phrase but at the same time wondering where this is leading us. Is there anything to believe in? Is the answer to be found in politics? If not, then where?

    1. Thank you Geoff

      I appreciate the compliments very much.

      I would also agree with your points, I do try to be fair in my across the spectrum criticism (hence why I have been giving a little back to National after beating up on Labour so much for the past few months).

      And if your wondering where this blog is going, watch this space as I have been working on a political manifesto of sorts and will be posting it soon when I finish it.

      But to add I am optimistic pessimist when it comes to politics I hope for the best but expect the worse and I think to think critically in politics one must be somewhat cynical (hence the reoccurring tone of this blog).

      But you make a good point and I am working on a few ideas for some "good news in politics" soon.

      Also if you followed me on KP you might remember some of my more uplifting posts there.

  4. I have to say the more I read this blog the more I become aware of two salient facts.

    !) You don't really know what you're talking about most of the time
    !!) You have a very high opinion of yourself

  5. Ah my first detractor, welcome sir.

    I am happy to debate point one with you but in regards to point two I direct you to our editorial policy and specifically the section on my blogging persona (see link below).

    In this blog I do have a high opinion of myself because that's the style how I write. I think you would agree that if I wrote as if I didn't know anything it would get real depressing real fast and not to mention pointless.

    None the less I look forward to continuing the discussion.

  6. False dichotomy much?

    1. Hi Anon.

      If your referring to the persona aspect I don't think so as I have had such comments before and your not the first to feel that I am some sort of know it all but that is part of the persona. its not who I am in real life.

      If your referring to your first comment you will have to elaborate a bit more.

      If your trying to link that two, and I suspect you are, then again please feel free to expand on that.